Participation with our own stand at the European Utility Week global exhibition in Vienna
17. 11. 2015.

European Utility Week is the largest international event of the year for public utility companies with 10,000 visitors and 350+ exhibitors – among others, Geometria set up its own separate stand, too.

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We have been there at the 62nd Annual Conference of the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association
12. 10. 2015.

Becoming a traditional attendee by this year, Geometria has again participated at the Annual Conference of the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association (MEE) held on the 62nd occasion and hosted by the Azúr Hotel of Siófok.

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Certified information security management system
6. 10. 2015.

The legislation concerning the protection of critical infrastructure requires heightened attention for the security of the IT systems of public utility companies. For this reason, they increasingly expect their IT suppliers to apply adequate information security management systems that guarantee the protection of data, information, as well as the stability and security of IT services. To meet this expectation, the regulations relating to the company’s quality management system certified under ISO 9001 have been amended with the requirements of Standard ISO 27001:2014.
In August 2015, the associates of the Secretariat for Certification of the Hungarian Standards Institution conducted the audit of the management system. Based on the decision of the Hungarian Standards Institution, Geometria secured its international ISO 27001:2014 certificate.