Budapest Water Summit 2016

This year’s Water Summit was organized in Budapest. The 3-day event started on 28 November, attended by 1800 participants from 117 countries.
The Summit was held as a forum for the discussion of the major issues relating to water, sanitation (wastewater management) and sustainable water management by presidents and prime ministers, ministers, senior officers of international organizations, actors of business and scientific life, as well as the representatives of the civil sphere.   > >  

Recruitment of new manpower

These days, we frequently face the problem posed by the lack of quality human resources, and therefore our company has an increasingly closer focus in the recruitment of new manpower. On 4–5 October, “What’s Up With Your Career?” (“Mi a pálya?”), a career choice festival for engineering professions was held, which we also attended to call young people’s attention to the importance of studies in information sciences.

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63rd Annual Conference and Exhibition of the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association

On 14–16 September 2016, Szeged hosted the 63rd Annual Conference and Exhibition of the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association. The motto of the event was “On Innovative Ways”, while its main topic focused on “Innovation and Trends in Electrotechnics”.

Our Company was greatly honoured, as the organizers granted this year’s Partner of the Hungarian Electrotechnical Association Award to Geometria Kft., and it was handed over to our managing director, Tibor Tenke after the Plenary Session of the Conference.

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